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DHA Gujranwala 5 Marla Balloting Result and Road Ahead

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DHA Gujranwala 5 Marla Balloting Result and Road Ahead


On April 4 balloting of DHA Gujranwala 5 Marla installment plots were conducted and unlike DHA Multan the results were updated within a few hours right after the balloting.

If you haven’t yet checked the results you can do so by visiting the page on their official website. You can use your CNIC / NICOP number OR your balloting number to check if you have succeeded.

Like DHA Multan the success rate was low, too many people applied with too many applications according to some sources only 4000 plots were awarded and on the other hand, people claim as many as 250,000 to 300,000 applications were submitted.

Which approximately gives us a ratio of 1 successful application for around 60 submitted.

Out of 4000 plots, 3200 plots were awarded to General Public, 400 to Overseas Pakistanis, 280 were awarded to Serving/Retired defense persons and 120 to senior citizens of 65+ years of age.

Please note this is a rough estimate based on rumors and do not represent actual numbers.



Currently, the ballot files of DHA Gujranwala are in high demand and own is hovering from around 2.8 lacs to 3.5 Lacs. Estate Wise predicts the rates will jump further to around 5 lacs plus after the downpayment of the DHA Gujranwala has been deposited but again it’s just an educated guess based on various market conditions.

Estate Wise does not recommend buying or selling your ballot number/files unless the downpayment has been paid.

Unless the downpayment is paid the ballot files hold no legal status and DHA Gujranwala is not responsible for any loss incurred. Various dealers have started trading files, the procedure they follow is that they sign a stamp paper and then give you an undertaking to deliver and transfer the file once the downpayment has been paid on their letterhead. But the problem with such an approach is that the dealers cannot vouch for each and every file that goes through them. What if the owner who sold this file to the particular dealer went ahead and sold the same file to 10 other dealers there is no way to guarantee it. All you can do is rely on their word. What if the original person on whose name the ballot file is, dies or something else happens, you have absolutely no guarantees apart from the word of your dealer.


Speaking in a nutshell the risk factor trumps any short-term gains you are trying to achieve so it’s better to stay away and start trading only once the downpayment has been paid and rightful owners have been assigned as legalized owners.

OR only buy files from those people who you know very well and are bound to keep their word.



5 Marla DHA Gujranwala hits the sweet spot for investors the files are comparatively cheap and the best part is that you have to pay the amount in installments. Even when all installments have been paid we foresee the price of 5 Marla DHA Gujranwala file to remain well above 25 Lacs. Currently, 10 Marla and 1 Kanal files for DHA Gujranwala are available in the market but you have to pay the full amount for them.

File rates for DHA Gujranwala are as follows:

DHA Gujranwala 10 Marla Allocation rate is around 30.5 to 31 lacs

DHA Gujranwala 10 Marla Affidavit file rate is around 32 Lacs


DHA Gujranwala 1 Kanal Allocation rate is 46.5 Lacs &

DHA Gujranwala 1 Kanal Affidavit rate is around 48 Lacs.


Clearly 5 Marla is a winner and can be purchased at a very low rate is represents a very good investment opportunity.

Gujranwala is one of the most populous cities in Pakistan and has a vibrant economy and decent purchasing power. DHA Gujranwala represents one of the best investment opportunities in real estate and 5 Marla installment file represents yet another low hanging fruit.


Estate Wise will start trading of DHA Gujranwala 5 Marla installment files after the downpayment has been paid. You can contact us if you want to buy or sell 5 Marla DHA Gujranwala files after 20th April 2018. For 10 Marla and 1 Kanal files, you can contact us anytime.

DHA Gujranwala 5 Marla Balloting and Road Ahead Image

Estate Wise

Making wise investment decisions.

UPDATE: Last date for depositing Down payment of 5 Marla file in DHA Gujranwala has been extended till 25th April 2018.

Please check for official updates.




Buying rate as of today 20th May 2018 is 3.5 Lacs and Selling rate is 3.9 Lacs own amount on top of downpayment paid.

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1 Comment

  1. asadkhan says:

    Rate as of 19th May 2018

    5 Marla Buying rate : 3.4 lacs own 
    selling rate : 3.9 lacs own

    10 Marla Affidavit : 32.5 lacs
    10 Marla Allocation : 30.5 lacs

    1 Kanal Affidavit : 47.5 lacs
    1 Kanal Allocation : 46 lacs

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