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Naval Anchorage Gwadar: A Promise Of A Better Future

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Naval Anchorage Gwadar Pakistan



Naval Anchorage Gwadar Pakistan is a project by Pakistan Navy, to provide a housing society in the deep seaport city of Gwadar. Gwadar holds paramount importance in the CPEC (China Pakistan Economic Corridor) initiative which is a part of One Belt and One Road Initiative (OBOR) or Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) proposed by Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Under CPEC china is set to invest around 75+ Billion US Dollars in various projects across Pakistan. The project will follow 1 + 4 rule where CPEC would play a central role in building road infrastructure, building various energy projects across the country, development of Gwadar port and industrial cooperation. Also in the medium term and long term, both the countries will work together in mutually improving and enhancing financial services, information technology, tourism and various other industries.

The China Overseas Ports Holding Company Ltd(COPHC) has taken over the port operations and is handling repair and upgrade of port facilities. Various other social projects have already been completed like building schools, hospitals, desalination plants etc.

In amidst of all this Gwadar, a small port city is set to shine and become a crown jewel in the port cities around the world. Development at this scale would counter attract even more investment and it is expected that private companies and individuals would pour in billions of more dollars creating a snowball effect of yet attracting more investment.


Housing Needs

The need for decent housing was imminent in Gwadar, many private builders and land developers jumped in to fill in the void but investors were skeptical as they didn’t trust the private developers. When Pakistan Navy decided to launch a housing society in this future city investors just opened their wallets.

Pakistan Navy has already delivered an outstanding housing society in Islamabad and hopes are high that they will also over deliver in Gwadar. Investors already have seen their development and are confident they will deliver on their promises.

Naval Anchorage is a beautiful project and represents a unique investment opportunity to investors local and abroad to invest money in Gwadar’s real estate and earn sizable returns on their investments.


Location & Details

Naval Anchorage is located at Ankara Shumali, a prime location very near to the future proposed airport and just right next to the zero point located on the Gwadar Jiwani coastal highway. Naval Anchorage has a huge road facing with at least 1 kilometers on  Rakshan avenue and coastal highway. There are at least six main avenues in Naval Anchorage according to the plan shared with GDA the Gwadar Development Authority.


There are 2 types of files available for you to invest in Naval Anchorage full paid and instalment files. Please note that these files do not include the development cost which will be collected in future in instalments once the land cost has been paid. The rates of the files are as follows

Naval Anchorage Instalments Guide

SizeTotal PriceDownpaymentInstalment # of Instalments
125 sq yards19 Lacs4 Lacs1.25 Lac12
250 sq yards22 Lacs6 Lacs2 Lacs12
500 sq yards48 Lacs10.2 Lacs3.15 Lacs12
Naval Anchorage table for installments plots.


For full paid files kindly consult the table below

Naval Anchorage Full Paid Files

250 sq yards22 Lacs
500 sq yards35 Lacs
Table showing the price of full paid Naval Anchorage plot files.



Please note: there are no full paid files for 125 sq yard(5 Marla) file/plots.

Estate Wise recommends that you invest in full paid files if you have the capital and can hold your investment for at least 3 years. If you are short on cash or want to pay slowly for your plots, you should invest in 250 sq yards plots.

Also, please note the aforementioned rates are the official launching rates, as of this writing on 20th April 2018 the above files can be procured at a discounted rate and the rates are subject to market forces and are bound to fluctuate. If you need more information about the latest rates kindly call us at 0345-4055581.



Gwadar is set to attract worth billions of dollars of investment from CPEC initiative and from private investors to benefit from this world-changing phenomenon one needs to be one step ahead and think about the future. One thing is for sure that the future of Pakistan is Gwadar and the future of Gwadar is Naval Anchorage. If you are thinking of investing in a secure and transparent way in real estate of Gwadar Naval Anchorage is your best bet.





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