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NAB Arrests Malik Riaz’s Front Man

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NAB nabs Malik Riaz’s Front Man

In the latest development, NAB has nabbed the alleged front man Fazal Imam also known as Saeen Imam, of Pakistans biggest real estate developer Malik Riaz Hussain. 

Fazal Imam was arrested when authorities found out his involvement in the transfer of 732 kanals of land in Rawat area, without any official revenue records. The land is predicted to be worth of billions of rupees.

We have also learned that along with Fazal Imam a man named Fazal Arshad and a revenue official named Illyas the alleged has also been arrested. Tehsildar Sohail Maqbool and girdawar Qazi Sajjad have also been nominated in the case and will soon be arrested as well.

The nabbed personals are being kept at Civil Lines police station Rawalpindi and Anti Corruption Circle will soon get their physical remand.

Fazal Imam, Malik Riaz's frontman arrested by NAB

NAB came into action a week before when supreme court ordered NAB to conduct an investigation into alleged business malpractices of Bahria Town Private Limited and its owner Malik Riaz Hussain. NAB chairman retired Justice Javed Iqbal ordered directors generals of NAB of Karachi, Lahore, and Rawalpindi to complete an investigation within 3 months. Not even after a week NAB Rawalpindi swiftly nabbed the first low hanging fruit.



Malik Riaz Hussain is Pakistans biggest private real estate developer and he is quite outspoken and blatant man when it comes to justifying his business practices. He has on a number of occasions boldly admitted to giving bribes on live TV programs. There are hundreds of cases pending against him in the court of law. But being the shady businessman he is he has always found a way around these obstacles and have tried to come clean in front of the eyes of general public.

On paper, he runs various charities and feeds thousands of people every day. But the reality is very dark and exact opposite. There are a number of land grabbing cases against him and his Bahria Town, most of them are just awaiting decisions and any official who tries to proceed with anything that goes against the interests of God Father is either transferred or has to face harassment of other kinds which even includes fake cases being filed against the individual or getting harassed by local police or local gangs.

Malik Riaz Hussain calls Asif Ali Zardari his best friend. The man who is known as Mr. 10 (Ten) percent, symbolizing the percentage he took for getting various legal or illegal official work done. Asif Ali Zardari is a former president of Pakistan and a widower of late Benazir Bhutto who was the ex-Prime Minister of Pakistan and was assassinated in a terrorist attack in a pre-election rally.



Allegations on Malik Riaz include land grabbing, murder, dealing with theft, wrongful restraint, mischief and criminal trespass etc. Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry started to process cases against him but Malik Riaz entrapped CJ’s son Arsalan Iftikhar and started a character-assassination campaign against them, in the end, cases against him went cold. There are still cases against him for car drag race incident where 5 people lost their lives, the Bahria Enclave Islamabad debacle where a stage crashed and many people suffered injuries and some got disabled for life.


Malik Riaz controls the media with an iron grip, he is the biggest advertisement revenue generator for most of the TV channels and nothing against him ever gets reported on mainstream media. He is also alleged to have bribed TV anchors details of which were circulated on social media a few years ago.

Army connection

Almost all of the top management of Bahria Town Lahore is comprised of Ex-Army men, he tends to hire ex-army personals and pays them exceptional salaries and then takes advantage of their connections. In Arsalan Iftikhar case the two prominent retired Major Generals were present as Malik Riaz’s representatives. Those generals included General Shuakat Sultan former Director General of Inter-Service Public Relations (DG-ISPR), and late General Ehtesham Zamir Director of Inter-Service Intelligence (DG-ISI).  Both of these generals played a vital role during the period of General Pervaiz Musharraf.


Files Not Plots

Not only land grabbing, Malik Riaz has been accused of selling more files than actual land and then manipulating its prices through his gang of real estate agents. Cases like DHA Valley, Garden City, Bahria Rawalpindi Phase 9, Green Valley Lahore, Golf View Residencia Lahore, Sector F Lahore, not balloting files to plots for old investors in Bahria Town Karachi are examples where Bahria Town Management took money from unaware investors booked more plots than files and almost never delivered. There are cases in Lahore and Rawalpindi where people have invested in Bahria Town projects for 9-10 years paid all dues and still, haven’t got possession of their physical plots.


False Advertising

Malik Riaz and Bahria Town have constantly touted itself as load-shedding and crime-free housing society but what the truth suggests is otherwise. There is crime in Bahria Town but thanks to the popular mainstream media houses & Malik Riaz’s collusion, it never gets reported on TV. Loadshedding though not as severe as the rest of the areas of Pakistan but still is a problem faced by the residents of Bahria Town who were lured in by the false advertisement running 24/7 on TV.



Considering the past performance of NAB and our justice system hopes are bleak, to say the least, but as we saw recently how the ex-prime minister of Pakistan Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif was disqualified on corruption charges we cannot rule out the possibility of justice being served.

UPDATE: Suspected accomplices of Fazal Imam severely beat up the complainant of this case Syed Nasir Abbas in front of the judge Mushtaq Ahmed Tarar in court. The attackers then fled the scene until the Civil Lines police arrived.

The judge granted 3-day physical remand of Fazal Imam.


This is the extent this mafia has clenched our justice system and it’s not just the justice system, its the land department, revenue department, law enforcement you name it they have it under control. No media outlet dares enough to speak against such horrendous crimes and this is the reason most of these crimes go unnoticed. Dawn news is the only exception that has stood out from the crowd.

Bribery is the language these corrupt officials understand and bribery is the language Malik Riaz speaks. Malik Riaz has become the Pablo Escobar of Pakistan, just the underlying business is different but the way of conducting the business is the same.

No matter how many officials he will bribe, no matter how much bribes he will offer, there will be righteous men, there will be men who will speak the truth, there will be men who will stand against all odds.

Pakistan ZINDABAD!!

Read a satirical account Malik Riaz Becomes The Prime Minister Of Pakistan


Below are some videos of some residents of Bahria Town, which you won’t see on mainstream media.



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1 Comment

  1. Amna Sajid says:

    Nicely written

    Mainstream media has failed us, they have made clear that they are available to the highest bidder.

    Malik Riaz uses money and buys them and they don’t dare cover any story related to him.

    The fact is this he just wants to maintain his facade of caring and charitable person, but the truth is he is full of shady business practices and corruption. Men like him should be put behind bars and made an example of for the rest of the country.

    To the writer of this article I applaud your courage to expose this cancer of a person. Keep your articles coming. I live in Canada and had bought a plot in Bahria town but now I have sold it, I would rather stay homeless than live on illegally acquired land of some poor person.

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