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DHA Multan Rates, Instalments And Own Update

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 DHA Multan Rates, Instalments and Own Update

DHA Multan rates, prices, instalments and own update



Ever since the launch of DHA Multan both the investors and end users have shown immense interest in the DHA Multan housing project. Full paid Affidavit and Allocation files have gained considerably in past 2-3 years and Instalment files as well have shown considerable gains.


Current Prices

As of today (8 September 2018) the prices of the DHA Multan installment files are as below:


5 Marla Residential DHA Multan plot own amount is 4.7 Lacs Booking Price 20 Lacs. Quarterly installment amount 150000. (1.5 Lac)

8 Marla Residential DHA Multan plot own amount 2.50 Lacs Booking Price 30 Lacs. Quarterly installment amount 225000. (2.25 Lacs)

10 Marla Residential DHA Multan plot own amount is 5.50 Lacs Booking price 35 Lacs. Quarterly installment amount 262500. (2.625 Lacs) 

1 Kanal DHA Multan plot own amount is 0 Booking Price 68 Lacs. Quarterly installment amount 510000. (5.1 Lac)

2 Kanal DHA Multan plot own amount is  5.50 Lacs Booking price 130 Lacs. Quarterly installment amount 975000 (9.75 Lacs)


DHA Multan Commercial

4 Marla DHA Multan Commercial plot own amount is 15.00 Lacs Booking price 175 Lacs. Quarterly installment amount 1312500 (13.125 Lacs)

8 Marla DHA Multan Commercial plot own amount is 5.50 Lacs Booking price 350 Lacs. Quarterly installment amount 2625000 (26.256 Lacs)

4 Installments have been paid to date for the above plots.

DHA Multan File Prices

DHA Multan 10 Marla Affidavit File is available at 38.25 Lacs
DHA Multan 10 Marla Allocation File is available at 36.50 Lacs
DHA Multan 1 Kanal Affidavit is available at 50.00 Lacs
DHA Multan 1 Kanal Allocation is available at 48.75 Lacs

Total Ownership Costs

If you look at the prices above the for 5 Marla residential total cost of land would be if you factor in transfer fees as well it would cost you around 25.5 lacs, per marla cost of around 5.1 lac rupees.

For 8 Marla DHA Multan Residential plot, the total cost of land will be inclusive of transfer fees 33.3 Lacs, giving per marla cost of around 4.16 lacs.

For 10 Marla plot, the total cost of land will be around 41.7 lacs giving a per marla cost of  4.17 Lacs.

For 1 Kanal plot, the total cost of the land will be 69.7 lacs giving per marla cost of 3.48 lacs.

For 2 Kanal plot, the total cost of land will be 138 lacs giving per marla cost of 3.45 Lacs.


Now if you look at the prices above you would see that the 5 Marla DHA Multan residential plot would cost more per marla than any other plot in the residential category. Still, the 5 Marla plot is more in demand and is the most traded item in DHA Multan. The reason being it is affordable, anyone within a middle-class family with some savings would be able to buy and pay its installments easily.

But as you go up the plot sizes, per marla cost starts coming down but the cost of the overall plot rises. Making it difficult for an average user to buy and hold the property.

If you are willing to pay more amount and can buy full paid file we definitely recommend you buy 10 Marla and 1 Kanal files.



Transfer Fees

Transfer fees for various plot sizes are as follows:

Plot Size & TypeTransfer Fee
5 Marla Residential79850
8 Marla Residential102350
10 Marla Residential117350
1 Kanal Residential167350
2 Kanal Residential292350
4 Marla Commercial222350
8 Marla Commercial402350
10 Marla Affidavit 75000
1 Kanal Allocation170000
1 Kanal Affidavit 75000



Estate Wise highly recommends 1 Kanal & 10 Marla allocation and affidavit files for investment at these rates. Buying and holding for at least 2 years would yield definite high returns on investment.

In the installment, files 8 Marla residential and 10 Marla residential plot files are highly recommended.

In commercial property 4 marla commercial is highly recommended.



Real Estate provides one of the best and safest investment medium in the contemporary world we live in. In order to leverage its high profitability, one must be diligent and savvy enough to work his way around. If done badly the same real estate becomes one of the worst investment mediums. We recommend all our readers to consider Estate Wise’s recommendation but make their own final decision by themselves.



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