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Pakistan is the sixth largest country in the world in terms of the population with a vibrant economy and an ever increasing middle class. Real estate in Pakistan has opportunities for immense growth, especially after the CPEC initiative. Pakistan represents a unique value proposition unknown and unheard of ever before. With billions of Dollars set to revolutionize the Pakistans economy, real estate represents the best investment opportunity for local and international investors.
On the other hand, real estate industry has been neglected by the government over the past decades which has led to a disproportional growth, with rates of some areas skyrocketing and others lagging behind to put up even meager growth. The landscape of real estate industry in Pakistan is a puzzle in itself and is difficult to get your head around.
 Estate Wise is a Real Estate Agency based out of Lahore Pakistan which intends to simplify the process of real estate procurement, development and management across Pakistan. Estate Wise is your local real estate agency with an international mindset.
 Estate Wise has a wide portfolio of real estate brokerage, real estate development and management and has served needs of the clients from across the globe. Our motto is simple ‘Put the customer first’, we strive to serve our customers in the best way possible with transparency, reliability, and trustworthiness.
 Our agents are just a call or a message away.

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