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Freelance Agent

Become a freelance property dealer and start earning more than 1 lac per month

Become a Freelance Real Estate Agent

Become a Freelance real estate agent

Estate Wise presents you a unique opportunity to become a freelance real estate agent and earn hefty commissions.

You can work on your own terms, on the hours that suit you, on the area that you already know. There is no need to work for anyone from 9 to 6, there is no need to travel for hours to reach your office and to your way back home.

There is no need to drive a car for 12+ hours just to make your ends meet. 

Become a part of a wide growing network of freelance real estate agents and earn hefty commissions of more than 1 lac rupees per month. All you need is a little bit of time, a smartphone, some creativity and salesman skills.

The commission paid will be decided on a numbering system if you perform all the required and the optional tasks with the best quality and requirements you will be eligible to 100% of the designated commission for the agent on either side.

There are 3 types of freelance real estate agents in Estate Wise:

  1. Seller side freelance agent
  2. Buyer side freelance agent.
  3. Service provider agent.

Seller Side Freelance Agent

Being a seller side property agent would mean that you would that you would have to

TaskRequiredPoints (Max)
Total115 Points
Find property and talk to the owner of the property.Yes10
Take pictures of the propertyYes20
Make Video of the propertyNo20
Edit ImagesNo10
Edit Video(s)No10
Write a descriptionNo20
Upload content to designated websitesNo15
Handle paperwork and transfer of the propertyNo10
Picture QualityPoints
Normal quality pictures5
High quality pictures10
Professional quality pictures20
Movie QualityPoints

Property description word countPoints
150 Words5
300 Words10
600 Words15
800 Words20
**The content written should be of good quality, copy pasted content or poorly written content would result in ZERO points.

Buyer Side Freelance Agent

Being a buyer side freelance agent is comparatively easier but pays an equal amount. All you need to do is find a genuine purchaser of the property, profile and verify the buyer, work with our negotiation team and finalize the deal. The table below represents the points system for buyer side freelance agent.

Total100 Points
Finding a genuine buyerYes30
Profiling the buyerYes10
Negotiating DealNo20
Applying for Transfer / PaperworkNo20

Service Provider Agent

Service provider agent is an agent who does not either brings in a buyer or a seller but instead provides the missing services in between. For example, one agent brings in a seller and only takes pictures of the house, service provider agent if available in the area can earn money by making videos of the house and editing or uploading the content to designated websites. The service provider agent can earn hefty amount without even going out of his home. If he has good video editing skills he can just employ them and create beautiful videos and earn comparatively more than he would earn anywhere from salary.

Service provider agent will earn money either by the points system above or by getting paid a fixed amount as decided by either the original buyer or seller side freelance property agent or by Estate Wise company.

Please note: Fixed payments will be paid irrespective of whether the property gets sold or not. If Estate Wise is used as an escrow provider, Estate Wise will charge 15% of the transaction but will guarantee of payment. Of this 10% will be charged from the original seller side freelance agent and 5% will be charged from the service provider freelance property agent.

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