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Gold Crest DHA Lahore Mall & Residency

luxury lifestyle redefined


GoldCrest is a beacon that will guide the future luxury real estate development in Pakistan.

From the location to the construction quality to the interior design to the lifestyle and the amenities that GoldCrest Mall & Residency provides are unmatched, unparalleled and even unheard of in Pakistan.

The project is a result of the collaboration of Mazyood GIGA group and DHA Lahore. You can check out the project from DHA Lahore’s official site from this link:, under the commercial projects heading. Total area for the project is 27.55 Kanals, 4 floors will be dedicated to parking, 4 floors for commercial activities which would include cinema, gym, spa, shopping mall and a lot more and 10 floors will be dedicated to 254 luxurious apartments.



The project’s location is DD block of DHA Phase 4, just right next to the commercial hub of Y & Z Block markets of DHA Phase 3 Lahore which is considered to be the most prime location of not only DHA Lahore but the entire city. Even though GoldCrest Mall and Residency will provide all the amenities one can think of still having a plethora of options just right around the corner is an added benefit. For all the avid readers Defence Public Library is also just a few yards away.


The Case for GoldCrest Mall & Residency

Gold Crest luxury apartments are not only the best luxury apartments you can buy in Lahore they make an enormous economic sense as well. An investment made in Gold Crest Mall and Residency will pay huge dividends down the road, of 254 total apartments less than 70 apartments are left for sale which shows huge interest from the genuine buyers and investors. A very small set of inventory is left and the way it is selling like hot cakes it can be estimated that each and every luxury apartment will be sold out within a couple of weeks.


GoldCrest For Living

GoldCrest is a luxury apartments project, there are a number of amenities being offered by GoldCrest some of the most prominent ones include:

  • 3D Cinemas inside the building
  • a full-fledged shopping mall with all the known brands
  • 24-hour electricity standby
  • Fine Dining restaurants
  • Food Court
  • Gym
  • Spa
  • Fun City for children
  • Suana, Steam Room, and plunge pools.
  • Onsite dry cleaners
  • Central climate control
  • 24-hour security system
  • 24-hour concierge service
  • Earthquake proof design
  • Building-wide wifi
  • Rooftop front and back common gardens.

And a lot more.

GoldCrest luxury apartments live up to their name and in coming years would be a crown jewel of DHA Lahore with all these amenities and services GoldCrest would stand out from the crowd and will be the hottest address in DHA Lahore. People would want to live here but only those who had made wise a decision early would be able to reap the benefits and enjoy a luxurious lifestyle.

Below are some of the photos of model apartments.

For a list of quality material being used for the construction of apartments click here


GoldCrest as an investment

GoldCrest apartments are luxury apartments, they are designed, built and targetted at the high-end market for people who have deep pockets and has a sense of fine things in life. Properties like these are always a select few and get bought and sold without being on the market for long.

If you follow the real estate market of DHA Lahore you would realize for example for 1 Kanal houses, there are 2 categories of houses: well built, good quality and construction brand new, they get sold at around 5 to 5.5 crores these days and then there are luxury houses they get bought and sold at around 7 to 8 crores.

Whats the difference you might ask, the difference is not in the space or covered area the difference is in the luxurious built, design and architecture fittings and furniture. These high-end luxury houses are so well built and designed that once you get in them you feel like you have transcended into a whole new world. That’s exactly how you feel once you enter GoldCrest luxury apartments. If you run some numbers you would quickly realize that these luxury properties are usually priced at 1.4 to 1.5 times the price of normal residences.

If you look at the price that’s being charged which is 15500 per square feet you would quickly realize it is considerably cheaper compared to the rest of apartments across the city without even factoring in the luxury premium.

Last year we marketed a project on link road crossing and road facing apartments were sold for around 14000 per square feet, and if you factor in all the things going on for GoldCrest like its location, construction quality, architecture, luxury finishing, amenities, brand value you would come to a conclusion that its very very cheap at these rates.

Once all the apartments get booked there will be an instant jump in the rates and the investors will start demanding own amounts on top of the original price. We at Estate Wise expect decent gains in the rates as the project moves towards completion and at the time of completion and hand over to the residence we expect at least 40 to 50 % premium on the current prices.

No such project or real estate can matches these types of returns in one to two years in DHA Lahore or surrounding vicinities in the same time frame.

And above all GoldCrest is a joint venture of DHA Lahore and Mazyood GIGA group so your investment will be secure and free from any discrepancies.
GoldCrest checks all the boxes of a good investment: liquidity, security and potentially high returns.

Price Structure & Availability

Click on this link for price structure and availability.

Apartment Types

There is a wide array of options GoldCrest provides when it comes to apartment types, there is literally an apartment for everyone from a bachelor living alone to a full family sized apartment with servant and maid rooms.

In a nutshell, there are 1 bed, 2 bed, 3 bed and 3-bed duplex apartments for more information about them please see the price structure chart.

For design layout for each apartment please check out this page.

For the floor plan of luxury residential apartments check out this page.


GoldCrest Mall and Residency provide the best of both worlds if you are looking at it as an investment instrument, GoldCrest luxury apartments have a potential to beat the market in terms of percentage capital gains and the developer of project guarantees a rental yield of 7 to 8 % per annum.

If you are looking for a space to live in the poshest area of Lahore Pakistan with all the bells and whistles there is no better option than GoldCrest Luxury Apartments.

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